2010 June 29

Schoolhouse Rock!

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Concrete Jungle Concrete Jungle
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(NEW YORK) Last night, Tribeca’s Reade St. Pub enjoyed a departure from the usual Monday scene. The under 11 crowd (and some proud parents) shuffled into the homey Irish haunt for Concrete Jungle’s “School's Out” Concert. Bandmates Ben Acker, Jack Krupp, Jasper Harris and Max Harris invited their fellow fourth grade graduates for a night of rocking out. Guests arrived on Razor scooters and downed glasses of fruit punch before securing their spots front row. As attendees filed in, fans purchased the band’s original “School’s Out Tour” t-shirts – perhaps an idea from Jack’s mother and public relations extraordinaire, Cindy Krupp? In true rockstar style, the show kicked off a bit behind schedule. Concrete Jungle’s newest music video, “No One Goes Nowhere,” premiered on the various flat screen TVs around the bar, and then the boys jammed out to a set of songs, starting with Green Day’s “American Idiot” (the edited version, of course!) and ending with their original songs. Pre-show (the band had to dash out before 8 p.m., when the usual over-21 crowd took over) the four boys, dressed in jeans and Converse kicks, took a moment out of their busy night to chat with The Daily.

How long have you guys been together?
Jasper: About two years.

Happy summer vacation! Will you miss school?
Ben: Nooooo. Today was the last day, and we’re happy it’s over!

Are you guys off to camp?
Ben: Me, Jack, and Max are going to a sleep-away camp called KenMont. We’re going to play music there; they have bass guitars and drums.
Jasper: I’m going to Beijing and then the Hamptons.

If you had to pick a favorite subject in school, what would it be?
All: Math!

Now you write your own music; who is your inspiration?
Max: We like Green Day, Guns N’ Roses, some AC/DC.

Do any of you guys have girlfriends? 
Jack & Ben:  No. We’re too young! Get one for Jasper and Max!

What do your parents think of your band?
Max: My dad helps write the lyrics sometimes.
Jack: My mom and dad motivate me. I think Jasper’s dad probably does the most work. He’s kind of our manager.

Jack, what is it like to have a mom as a publicist?
Jack: Um…I don’t know...
Cindy Krupp interjects: Look at the great media training they're getting!

What kind of crowd are you expecting tonight?
Ben: Friends from school…lots of them!
Jasper: They don’t know the lyrics of our songs yet, but they will. There are a couple of crazy kids coming.

Do you have anything you want to say to your fans?
All: We rock!!

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