2011 February 4

Savannah Miller, Live from London: The Miller Sisters' Model Mum!

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Savannah Miller Reports from London Savannah Miller Reports from London
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Ever wonder what the mum of Savannah Miller and Sienna Miller of Twenty8Twelve, looked like as a young model? We have the photos, and she was a stunner! 

"We have been very busy at Twenty8Twelve this week.  Our pre-collection is designed, and first prototypes are getting made at the factories as we speak. So it’s time to get working on Spring/Summer 2012. It never stops! Generally, when we research, we start by either looking through books and pulling out images that we find inspiring, or it all starts from a film we have seen. This time around, I was looking through STYLE BOOK Fashionable Inspirations by Elizabeth Walker that has been on my desk for ever and found this amazing picture. This stylish lady is our mum! Doesn't she look phenomenal! Ironically, she gave me the book and had no idea she was in it! So that got a whole vibe rolling, and since I found it, her friends have been sending in loads of pictures of her growing up. I think they are amazing, and wish more pictures today had this innocent and beautiful quality.


Next week, we are off to Paris to source archive pieces to find interesting techniques and finishes. We spend a lot of time turning things inside out and upside down. You would be amazed at how those details translate to modern fashion. Next week’s update will be coming from the chic left bank shores of gai Paris. Check out the pictures in our Gallery!


Over and out! Till next time...


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