2012 March 27

Rock Star Chronicles: The Scoop on Billy Farrell's Band Kallit Molly

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Billy Farrell likes to rock. Billy Farrell likes to rock.
Madison McGaw/BFAnyc.com
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Before Billy Farrell was a camera-wielding scenester, he was known as the lead vocals (and backing guitar, whatever that means) for a little five-man band called Kallit Molly, which finally disbanded after six years. The musical gang reunited on Saturday at Farrell's surprise birthday party at Fig 19, playing old-time hits like his sweet melodic ditty about André Leon Talley. Sample lyric: "People think you're scary...I think you're smart." Naturally, this led us on Kallit Molly investigation. To MySpace!

On the naming the band: "It's a sad story of awesomeness..so here goes. We met in Mark's garage in Shelburne, Vermont in 1995. We composed one 'good' song that day called 'Lliam Storm.' We didn't have a name yet but were originally gonna call the band Wyatt & Miranda (who happened to be the only neighborhood kids who would sit through the rehearsal)...then, that same afternoon, Mark's sister Molly came along. Molly suggested over and over again that we should just call the band Molly...after her of course, and NOT in tribute of the twerps next door. Lliam (then Billy), and a total dictator, insisted that it couldn't be such a simple name and DECLARED that the band should be called Call it Molly...since she kept saying over and over again, 'Call it Molly!' So finally (after much dictatorship) the new band agreed to call themselves KALLIT IT MOLLY...the K stood for 'gimmicK' and the rest is history."

On musical influences: "Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, The Skamaphrodites, Muddy Waters and The Space...[We sound like] crapiness and awesomeness all in one." 

On gold label success: "We were together for six years and played countless shows...including the famed NECTARS (where Phish got its start) every Thursday night while still in high school and beyond. We recorded two full-length albums." [Note to the reader: The record label was one 'Squirrel Farm Music.']

On the highly-publicized breakup: "Mike finally left us to live in the Boston area with a woman (Yoko) to study whale migrations....how typical."

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