2011 April 7

Reed Krakoff Goes Back To School

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Reed and Simon Reed and Simon
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Reed Krakoff is being honored by the School of Fashion at Parsons The New School for Design next month, but a pre-party event was held at his Madison Avenue store to celebrate the designer and preview top collections of graduating Parsons students. We caught up with Reed and the coolest Dean in town, Parsons' very own Simon Collins, to discuss Reed's history as a student, his jocky past and Parsons' angelic students. 


In addition to Parsons, you went to Tufts. When did you graduate Tufts?

I graduated Tufts in '86 and Parsons in '88.


What was your major at Tufts?

I was at the Museum School in Boston, where I studied fine arts and then art history.


What were you like as a student?

I haven't thought about that in years. I was not overly serious. That's a nice way of saying it. I loved school. I was not a big study person. It was the first time I was living in a city, I loved that.  


Were you in a fraternity? 



Were you a party boy?

I hung out with the creative types. I was into art history. 


What was your least favorite subject?

I have a degree in economics, but it was accounting. I got a D-, but I passed.


How about gym class? 

I actually grew up playing a lot of sports. I was a hockey player, a tennis player, a lacrosse player. I was always into sports. I still love them! 




Why did you decide to honor Reed this year?

He went to our school, and we've watched his career grow over the last couple of decades. He's been such an impressive figure. 


Do you know what Reed was like as a student?

I don't! I did ask him. Of course he said he was a very good student, very studious, worked hard. He did our AAS (Associate in Applied Science) program, which is a post-graduate program. A lot of the students are paying their own way, so they are very focused on a means to an end. I have no doubt that he worked hard. 


Do you ever have to deal with students who misbehave?

All of our students are impeccably behaved at all times. All the ladies wear white gloves and all the gentlemen wear ties.



I've been interviewing all of our noted alumni over the last three months, including some of the naughty ones, and I've been asking them that. There was a period when Fridays were dedicated to making an outfit for the weekend, and they'd go out clubbing. If they weren't dressed in something completely and radically new on Friday night, it was all over. Through the years, we've added more and more to the curriculum, so now our students are much more focused on the realties of getting a job in the industry. There's so much more they need to learn, but I'm not convinced there aren't people who come in on Monday morning and haven't seen their apartment all weekend.


The Parsons Fashion Benefit takes place on May 9th at Pier Sixty, Chelsea Piers. For more information, please visit the website. 



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