2010 December 14

Rebecca Went Where? Tutta l'Italia!

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Designer and globetrotter Rebecca Minkoff is tackling Italy this week. Don't forget to check out the Gallery for more vacation pics.

mecca of breathtaking sights, diverse culture, culinary masterpieces, and cutting-edge fashion, Milan is like nowhere else. But on my last trip, I discovered an oasis from the hustle that you won't find in any guidebook: the northwest corner of Milano Centrale.

First, let me say that vintage shopping is always worth it. Italian fashion---like the wine---only gets better with age, so I take advantage of every moment to feast my eyes on la moda vintage. Four suitcases of treasures later, my bestie and I missed our train from Milan to Bologna. As the train pulled away, I couldn’t help but think, Haven’t I seen this plotline in a movie somewhere? Two girls stranded in a foreign land, no place to go…We considered sleeping in the station and found a dark, damp corner, probably wet from the tears of those who missed their trains before us...

I learned another important lesson that night: never bribe a sleepy cab driver. Clearly he was not prepared for the journey, which explains why he fell asleep at the wheel. Three hundred euros and three hours later, we barely arrived in one piece. But don’t worry: all hand-crafted bags and one-of-a-kind jackets were safe and sound.

Luckily, Italian food has healing powers. One day, I'm opening up my own NYC hospital where I serve risotto and veggies from the Brera. Italy, I love you---but your amazing shopping almost cost me my life!"


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