2011 March 25

Rebecca Minkoff's Parisian Voyage!

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Rebecca Minkoff is so dedicated to her travel column for Chic that she dropped everything and headed to Paris so she had content for her latest column. Now that's dedication! Merci, darling! 


"I couldn’t possibly carry on with a fashion-meets-travel column without making my way by tram, Chunnel, or autoroute to Paris, France – a city with so much to offer, I am dedicating two posts as homage. 


We have so much to thank the French for: berets, baguettes, champagne, CoCo Chanel, croissants, croque-monsieur, crepes… suddenly I’m hungry.  But perhaps the greatest asset, as it relates to my recent travels through France, is their overwhelming dedication to the value of a great antique.  When you live in the land of chic, it seems like every beautiful thing is properly cared for, stored, enjoyed, and passed to the next caretaker.  Fashion in France is borrowed, never owned.


My adventure started with an early morning stroll through Les Puces de Vanves - hop off the metro at Porte de Vanves for a vast – but organized – selection of bewitching antiques (and trust me, I am a connoisseur of gently used treasures) located along Avenues Marc Sangnier and Georges Lafanestre.  A bustling collection of interesting vendors invite you to chat about their offerings – humble hand-me-downs to priceless artifacts.  The energy between the locals, the peddlers, the usuals, and us visitors brings the history of every piece to life as soon as you pick it up.


If you’re really serious about your antiques then there is no greater place in the world to get your flea on than Porte de Clignancourt, (a.k.a. Les Puces de Saint-Ouen) but a simple “Les Puces” – literally “The Fleas” – and any local knows exactly where you’re looking to go.  Over 17 acres chock full ‘o vintage, it resembles a Smithsonian garage sale more than a flea market.  Museum, café, museum, café – bed frames to couches, furs to jewels…I think I almost bought the necklace from Titanic…Yeah, it’s that good.


Paris, je t'aime – but I couldn’t seem to fit a vintage leather-covered headboard in my carry-on luggage… it’s just cruel.


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