2011 March 31

Rebecca Minkoff's Parisian Best Bets

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We wouldn't let Rebecca Minkoff write just one column about Paris. Jamais


"J'aime Paris au printemps! Welcome to part two of my ode to Paris. It may be 3,624 miles away, but I can still hear the soothing cadence of the city’s rhythm – the language, the fashion, even the flow of traffic always sticks with me long after I’ve left the City of Light.

There is no place in Paris that exemplifies this so much as where the 8th arrondissement gives way to the Rue de Faubourg Saint-Honorè – beautiful people going to beautiful places… Dior, Hermès, Versace, oh my! However, if there is anything that will drive me to drink, it’s spending a day torturing my credit cards and my husband’s patience shopping for fashionable masterpieces I know will not be coming back to NYC with me… 


And when driven to drink, I head to Hôtel Costes.  Yes, it may be a little “scene-y” and yes, it may feel like Nicole Kidman could can-can around the corner in full Moulin Rouge at any second, but it’s worth it.  Get there early to snag a table and ask for a menu – my husband and I shared a club sandwich that was textbook (in terms of perfection) while being seduced by the selection of fine wines.  Can’t fly to Paris? Get the vibe (a favorite for ambient music in my showroom) from the Hôtel Costes collection of soundtracks.  


I would be doing Paris a disservice if I failed to mention my favorite ‘hood, Le Marais – there is a little something for everyone.  For the artist: Frank Picon Art Gallery. For the historian: Musée Carnavalet in rue de Sévigné.  For the foodie:  Le 3, Pain Vin Fromage, Monjul, Les Arts et Métiers… obviously, it is clear which category I fall into.
Paris, je t'aime – but I will always be a visitor, never a local, for I could never reside in a place with such amazing fashion booby-trapped by so much wine and cheese!


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