2010 December 6

Rebecca Minkoff Takes Turkey

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Minkoff Takes Turkey Minkoff Takes Turkey
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Designer Rebecca Minkoff adores to travel the world, so we’ve asked her to write a weekly column to share her adventures and favorite destinations. Behold the first installment! Also check out the gallery for more vacation pics.

Maybe it’s because my Thanksgiving leftovers have dwindled to me licking the Tupperware, but I'm feeling nostalgic for turkey, and not just the edible kind. I recently decided I had earned a vacation---a real one, not a trip to California to sign bags at a department store.  Fulfilling a lifelong dream, I set sail off the coast of Bodrum for a week at sea with my husband and four of my dearest friends.  I take my vacations seriously – all watches and Blackberrys were traded in for gossip mags and cocktails with umbrellas.

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