2012 March 21

Childhood Comforts! With Rachel Roy

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Rachel Roy Rachel Roy
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Blankies, nightlights, stuffed animals, oh my! Beloved childhood objects were on Chic's mind at Monday's Cinema Society screening of Intruders, the thriller starring Clive Owen as a protective papa. What did you snuggle with to ensure sweet dreams a tot? Dolls (the loved-to-pieces kind) and dreams (the daytime, happy kind) were Rachel Roy's double-dose of comfort as a kid...

How did you ward off nightmares as a kid?
I had two things: a doll named Goldie, short for Goldilocks, that I still have to this day. She had reddish-blonde hair. By the time I was done with her, she was missing thumbs; she was certainly scary-looking, but she was the most precious thing in my childhood. And I needed something precious back then.

Aw! What else comforted twee Rachel back in the day?
My dreams...but not at night. When I had nothing else, and we didn't have a lot of money, I would just daydream and create these elaborate stories.

Where were your daytime reveries set?
They took place in London and throughout Europe, based on the old films I was watching as a kid.

And were you in these dreams?
I had to be the star of my daydreams, of course, so in them I had long Veronica Lake-type hair, fire engine red lips, turtlenecks, and pencil skirts. I was a dashing, dark, but luminous figure in my daydreams.

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