2012 November 8

Artist to Watch: Rachel Rossin

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Rachel Rossin Rachel Rossin
Photo courtesy Dustin Yellin.
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After meeting artist Rachel Rossin at one of Waris Ahluwalia's intimate dinner parties, Chic became an insta-devotee. Now, with Rossin's first solo show at The Bowery Hotel, you can see what all the buzz is about. Her exhibit, "Telltale," is on display now through Wednesday, November 14, from 6-8 p.m. In the meantime, here's a teensy teaser...

Congrats on your new exhibit!
Thank you. I'm really excited. The Bowery's curator, Peter Makebish, has talked about showing me for a while. He saw the work I've been doing recently, and we both agreed that it was a great fit.

What's the inspiration behind "Telltale"?
Telltale is an indicator or underlying mechanism that conveys a system. A great example of this is in one of the paintings where you can see a man whipping his own shadow. He's made up of all these bits: birthday candles, dogs, fields. The intricate textile, a strong theme in my work right now, is coming apart as he's whipping his shadow.  

This exhibit showcases some great textiles.
My work always deals with how we experience reality. And fabric is a beautiful way to depict that. The fabrics I chose for this exhibit are very personal, from places I've traveled, and precious pieces that have been in the family. The sarape, which was shown at the Brucennial earlier this year, is from a trip to Mexico. There's also fabric depicted from Italy, India, and Uganda, where I did some work about four years ago. 

Would you consider a designer-artist collab?
I'd love that. Melissa Marie Dudley and I have talked about doing something together when we find the time. I like the idea of designing a print that references itself. 

Who do you hang out with in the fashion industry?
Johan [Lindeberg] is great. I love his eye. He came out for a studio visit to see what I was doing. There was a real convergence of thought. He brought Blue, his daughter, and she was so cute! She's very perceptive, and she really got it. 

Do you read fashion magazines?
I don't very often. I follow my own little heart. But I think Nylon is great and Bullet is genius.  

Where do you like to eat in the city?
Newtown is an amazing vegetarian restaurant in Brooklyn.

What was the last great book you read?
I just read A Visit From The Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan. I cried three times. And I finished Concerning The Spiritual In Art by Wassily Kandinsky. It's simple and mindful. 

What outfit do you live in?
I've been eating up patterns! I've been wearing the same dress for two days in a row. It's a richly patterned red dress I bought at a flea market. I also just bought these little triangle Wendy Nichol earrings. I wear them almost every day.

What art galleries do you have your eye on?
School House Projects has an incredible program, and so does The Intercourse in Red Hook.

How is the art scene in Bushwick different from Red Hook?
In Red Hook, it's much smaller and there's less property so it tends to be more expensive. It's very quiet and very beautiful with it's fishing village charm. I adore that community despite how hard it is to get out there and I was very sad to make the move. Bushwick is spread out and younger with plenty a skinny jeans and plaid for the eye to see. They really both are wild and lovely for their own reasons.

What are three things you can't live without?
Oh boy! Other than the stars, the moon, and the air? I do love these Korkease shoes. I live in them. 

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