2011 March 28

Purse Talk with Joy Gryson

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Joy Gryson and Peter Gryson Joy Gryson and Peter Gryson
Joy Gryson and Peter Gryson
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Chic caught up with Joy Gryson for a little one-on-one time to talk about everything from man purses to her latest design project--a luxe line of evening bags called Capsule by Joy Gryson. Here's what the handbag virtuoso had to say!

Describe the Capsule by Joy Gryson line.
We’re calling it ‘night bags’ instead of ‘evening bags.’ They’re edgy, sophisticated bags to go out at night, whether it’s going out to dinner to a great restaurant, chilling with friends, or going out to an event.

Why did you decide to name your new line "Capsule?"
It's a tiny little collection so it made sense for us to name it Capsule. I wanted to spread my wings and have a chance to do something I really felt like I had to do because it was just so amazing. It’s something I would probably do every single season. It won’t necessarily be a big line ever—it’s more about item-y type of things. It doesn’t necessarily have to be everything to everyone. It’s my take on what I’m feeling at that particular moment.

Were there any other names you were thinking about?
Yes! They were awful. Everything reminded me of perfume names. 'Halo' was one of them. From design to fruition, it’s a nine or ten month process. So I usually give the bags girls’ names because it’s like literally birthing a baby. For the Capsule collection, I googled all these random names and I was thinking about country names…but everything had this weird connotation or awkward situation.

What’s the price range for Capsule?
$850-$2,700. Everything is made in Italy.

What materials are you using?
Python, Mongolian lamb, and sanded stingray for the body materials. With regard to the frames and details, we’re using ebony wood and stones for application processes and the closure. We’re using pyrite, tiger’s eye, mother of pearl…

Do you endorse the "murse"?
A lot of people say there’s a masculine-feminine thing going on in Gryson so I completely embrace the murse. A lot of Japanese men like my bags for Gryson. I’m all about it. I love to dress androgynous in some ways.

Does your husband have any murses?
Of course! He’s going to be mad that I told you this…I guess he has 15. He’s really into color and I’m not. When we go into the whole color thing, it becomes an issue.

How many purses do you have in your own closet?
Oh, it’s scary. I would say about 100. I’ve designed probably 75% of them.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve put in your purse?
Pokemon cards.

What was your dream job when you were a kid?
I thought I wanted to go into acting but then I realized I would be short forever. As I got older, I thought I would be a tennis player but I didn’t start early enough.

What’s next for Joy Gryson?
I’d love to go back into shoes eventually. We had a great response but you have to invest a lot of money into shoes if you do it in a big way.

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