2010 May 19

Passport to Brazil

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Diane von Furstenberg, Carlos Jereissati, Cecilia Dean Diane von Furstenberg, Carlos Jereissati, Cecilia Dean
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(NEW YORK) The DVF Studio is without a doubt the studio that doesn’t sleep. Last night, Diane von Furstenberg hosted a dinner in honor of Carlos Jereissati, CEO of Iguatemi, and everyone quickly slipped into Brazil-mode, laughing, drinking and languidly soaking in the scene. Francisco Costa, Carlos Souza, Alex von Furstenberg and others congratulated Jereissati and dreamed of Sao Paulo nights. Costa, who hails from Brazil, explained, “Brazil is very up-and-coming with so many great developments. Hopefully we will have some stores down there soon.” Costa wasn’t shy to admit he’s a beach guy. “Oh, I do love the beach. I love the fun of it all!”

Jereissati caught up with friends, and humbly took in everyone’s praise. “A lot of brands are coming to Brazil, and so it is a great moment for the company, as well as for the country. People are so interested about Brazil, so we’ve got to have meetings every day and give them the run down of the facts. We start at 8 in the morning, end at 8 at night, and then come to a party!” But the CEO always manages to fit in his favorite indulgence: a morning jog in Central Park.

In true Brazilian fashion, the dinner began well into the evening, and guests were invited to help themselves to the family-style supper. Bottles of vino dotted the tables, and everyone poured more into their glass whenever the mood struck. An especially animated von Furstenberg was in full-on host mode, making sure everyone found a seat. DvF Sao Paulo opened last month, and von Furstenberg spoke to the room, explaining, “I had been hearing about Iguatemi for years and years. But I thought, how excited can you get about a shopping center? But let me tell you, it is not a shopping center. It is a community. It is a world. It’s a shopping center, but it’s different because it has a soul.”

When it came to the country, von Furstenberg didn’t hold back, and her effervescent speech had the audience tearing up with laughter. “There are great futures for so many countries, but Brazil is where the future is most pleasant. They have beautiful beaches, beautiful girls, beautiful boys! They are all sexy, and they all smell good! And importantly, they all love to shop! Above all, they all have the joy of life in Brazil.” The hostess paused, and then added, “Okay, now you can eat!”

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