2012 December 7

Nicole Trunfio Talks Charm (Bracelets)

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Nicole Trunfio Nicole Trunfio
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Last night, Haute Hippie hosted mod Nicole Trunfio's jewelry trunk show. On the agenda? Sipping champagne and getting glammed up with jewels. Don't confuse Trunfio's collection with your average, one-season-and-you're-over-it baubles! The melange of precious metals and stones make for longterm investment-status bling, darlings. So, how did the Aussie beauty get her start in design? Done up in fur and a gown avec plunging neckline, Trunfio taught us about the art of the modern charm bracelet and why it's worth saving up for a vintage Rolex. 

How did you transition from modeling to jewelry design? 
I've been doing jewelry design for a really long time; I did it in school. I played with it while I was modeling and the line came together when I designed the Universe bracelet

Why is the Universe bracelet unique? 
It's a modern charm bracelet. I got inspired by the Cartier Love bracelet because I could never wear it through security while working and modeling; you have to carry the screwdriver! You can change the top to a pyramid, heart, diamond, or anything we choose to expand upon each season. 

Do you remember your first piece of jewelry? 
It was a charm bracelet from my mum. When I was younger my mom used to order a new charm if I was a good girl. The charms mean something. I still have it, but it's in pieces and broken.

How much jewelry do you actually own? 
I couldn't tell you! It's extensive...

What's your priciest piece you keep under lock and key? 
My gold Rolex. It's a 69. I used to say I didn't want to wear a watch until I can afford, or feel comfortable enough, to buy myself a gold Rolex. I recently bought it for myself at The Webster in Miami with my best friend. Sometimes buying stuff is not about the buying, but about the experience: who you're with and where you are.

Do you buy most of your own jewelry? 
I lose everything that someone else has given me. I've even lost diamonds!

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