2010 December 13

Mommy and Me With Stacey Bendet Eisner: All Things Travel!

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Alice + Olivia's Stacey Bendet-Eisner has mastered the art of traveling with two-year-olds. Love, tell us how!

The Ideal Snacks! "Lollipops are great for the ears! It's my usual trade/bribe when Eloise doesn't want to give up her bejeweled Croc going through security. You can go the organic Whole Foods route or you can go the 5 hour pop route. My personal preference is a big bright Dylan's swirl. I also always pack little sandwiches (Eloise likes cheese cut into hearts) and some sort of sliced fruit. She definitely goes for the lollipop over the fruit, but my conscience feels better knowing I packed it."

The Best Distraction! "The iPad---apps, shows, entertainment beyond! It's worth forfeiting your personal toys for several hours of peace on travel days...and all of the passengers who initially seemed horrified by their miniature neighbors will be pleasantly surprised! I'm personally a fan of the Miss Spider’s Tea Party App and the Color HD Talking Coloring Book Application. Bestkidsapps.com has a great list. I also recommend shows such as Olivia and Winnie the Pooh. Admittedly, Dora the Explorer has made me want to throw the iPad out the window..."

The Cleanest Wipes! "7th Generation. Mom's best friend. You can never have too many. It's inevitable that chocolate milk spills or that that nice stewardess offers up the ice cream before you can abort it, and before you know it, your chic cashmere is covered in a sticky sweet fingerprint mess."

The Least Obnoxious Games! "Running in Circles---this is an excellent pre-boarding activity. It's free and sure to tire out a child before the flight."

Check out Stacey's favorite sippy cup and accesories in the Gallery.


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