2010 December 7

Mommy and Me with Stacey Bendet Eisner

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Mommy and Me Mommy and Me
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Alice + Olivia designer Stacey Bendet Eisner joins Chic Report as our weekly parenting columnist. First up: the mother of 2-year old Eloise tackles basics!

STACEY ON...TAKING TURNS: "I learned this from Eloise’s teacher as a brilliant alternative to sharing. It’s a more tangible concept for a child. Although a few weeks ago, Eloise pointed to my diamond ring and said, 'Mommy! Mine!' I said, 'No, that is mommy’s ring.' And Eloise said, 'Ok, Mommy, take turns. Eloise turn!' The concept really works, but maybe stick to using it with toys."
STACEY ON...FLEXIBILITY: "The other morning, Eloise wanted ice cream for breakfast. And I kept saying no, and then suddenly I thought, you know what, I want ice cream for breakfast, too.  So we had ice cream for breakfast."
STACEY ON...EATING ORGANIC: "I try my best to buy lotus spring pajamas and bananas only from Whole Foods. But when you think back, our generation wore flammable pajamas with plastic feet and ate Rice Krispie snacks and McDonald's, and used totally toxic magic markers, and we are still alive."
STACEY ON...CREATIVITY: "Clothes are a form of expression. It's like toddler art—one of the first creative opinions a child gets to have.  So while sometimes the pink crocs with Tinkerbell charms and the purple Lakers shirt (I have no idea where this even came from!!) make me physically ill wondering if my child is channeling Punky Brewster as her fashion idol, if it's what she wants to wear, I just go with it."
STACEY ON...FURRY FRIENDS: "I am for them. I mean, I am definitely looking for a new home for our adopted hamrat Wilson Browning St. Clair (any takers?), and when we got one of those running balls, Eloise did throw it (with Wilson inside) across the room and scream 'Wilson Football!' but every toddler who comes into our apartment runs straight for the cage with total excitement. The hamrat is NYC nature."

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