2012 December 19

Holiday Party Pointers...From MKG's Maneesh Goyal

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An MKG-masterminded bash for Absolut An MKG-masterminded bash for Absolut
Courtesy MKG
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Earlier this week, we got the extensive scoop on event conceptualizing, branded party brilliance, and personal shindig secrets from Maneesh Goyal of MKG. There was just too much good fodder to throw your way in a single day, though. Here is Goyal's crib sheet of the very best and worst of yuletide-timed party behavior. Whether you're hosting or simply making the rounds, print ‘em out, memorize them, and ace the rest of the holiday soiree grind, darlings…

Party Etiquette 101 
Don’t show up empty handed.
Absolute worst is…Staying too long! Holiday parties tend to have a wider guest list because they’re sort of catch-alls, so you don’t want to be there too late. 

Thoughts on Themes
Definitely do…’
Holiday’ [as the theme]
Absolute worst is…having a theme. Although maybe I should take that back, because James LaForce and his partner have had amazing themed parties. [Ed note: the 2012, spookily-themed LaForce bash shook up the FiDi on Monday]

Location, Location, Location!
Definitely do…anything that’s personal. It’s a definitely a time when people are feeling poignant and connected, so anything that’s personal. It doesn’t have to be your home, but it could be your favorite restaurant. 
Absolute worst is…Places that feel too ‘nightlife-y’. It loses the point of the holidays and bringing people together. 

Nibbles and Libations
Definitely do…
I love a holiday punch!
Absolute worst is… 
Unnecessarily red-and-green food-dyed items. 

Entertainment Factor 
Definitely do…
Avoid over-planning a party and expecting people to be there the whole time; people juggle a lot of commitments, especially in New York. So, it's best to have a spontaneous, one-song performance by a friend of yours who happens to have an amazing voice.
Absolute worst is…The exact same thing, if that friend should really stick to singing in the shower.

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