2012 November 8

Lunch Time with Miranda Kerr

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Eating it up! Eating it up!
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You know we adore random encounters, so when we approached Miranda Kerr backstage at the VS show yesterday for a chat, she was gracious enough to ask us to tag along as she grabbed lunch. (That's what angels do!) The following is the play-by-play of our scattered conversation with today's New York Post covergirl...

Do you have a moment to talk?
Yes! I've got to go this way, so walk with me. [We do!]

How many of these VS runways have you walked now?
This is my 7th year. Hi, honey! [Greets and kisses Lily Aldridge.] I'm going to go find something to eat. Lily, let's sit together. [A model comes up with an iPhone and asks if it belongs to her.] It's not mine. [Studies screen] I think it might be Jessica Hart's phone. Ask her. I don't know anyone else who has a dog like that. Let's talk!

How does it feel after all these years?
[Studies food on table] Tomato, basil...It's been one of those days.

Did you eat anything earlier today?
I did. I had two eggs, avocado, and one piece of gluten-free toast. I don't know where I'm going to sit.

Do you splurge after the show and eat chocolate?

I'm all about balance. I really like food. I'm quite fussy, so I'm trying to find something here right now. Ooooh! [Addresses chef] Can I please have some of that?

What is it?
Chef: It's a chicken stuffed with a cranberry sage stuffing. That is a horseradish cream sauce.

Do you feel hungry, or are you nervous?
I'm not really nervous. OK. Where do I get the knives and forks?

Do you want help with your plate?
Let me find where I'm going to sit. Do you mind getting me a knife and fork?

No problem.
I'll be next to Lily!

This is definitely…
One of your favorite interviews?

It's deep! How's the food?

It's okay.

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