2011 November 8

Lookmatic's Grand Web Debut

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Joe Cole Joe Cole
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Lookie, lookie! It's Lookmatic. The online optical go-to, formerly known as Spexclub, has revamped and Chic has the exclusive. You'll still find the same smattering of insanely affordable eyewear but this time around, there's new management, a new website, a new name, and of course, some goodies in the works. Plus! Expect a holiday pop-up in LA. Joe Cole, the executive creative director of Lookmatic and the co-owner of TenOverSix, sheds some light on the matter.

Spexclub. Lookmatic. What's the deal?
Spexclub was a company originally put together by a group of serious eyewear veterans. After I was made the executive creative director and we brought in a new executive team, we decided we needed to rebrand ourselves. The name Lookmatic came about when we were brainstorming core values for the brand. It plays into that same retro-cool vibe that exists in the brand and within our customers without being too gimmicky.

How are you going to compete with other optical retailers?
Users are becoming savvy now, and the internet really provides the consumer great quality along with value. Eyewear is right at the forefront of that next big thing that people are going online to find, and up to now, quality designer eyewear has been very selective. You’re looking at $300 to 500 dollars and up a pair. We’re looking to redefine that with Lookmatic.

What's really changed the eyewear game recently?
The idea of glasses used to be geeky a long time ago. Now, geek is considered to be an appealing factor now. Hipsters have certainly embraced that and started trends with it. Celebrities like Tina Fey, Justin Timberlake, and Johnny Depp have embraced their glasses. Annette Benning looked terrific onstage at the Golden Globes with her glasses last year. Hip hop has been bringing back the trend for a while now, and you can see it with rappers like Jay-Z. But, the mainstream has embraced eyewear too and you can see that in popular shows like Freaks and Geeks and Glee. We have a fair amount of customers who buy glasses with clear lenses in them to just wear as style pieces, without prescription lenses. That wasn't always the case.

What’s trending now?
For the last couple years, the 50s and 60s are on-trend. Everyone is sporting the classic Wayfarer that JFK made famous.  I was on a photoshoot the other day and everyone—the models, the stylist, the photographer—had a pair of classic Wayfarers, whether they were Ray-Bans or a pair with a similar shape and look. It's less about oversized sunglasses, especially for women, and more about a cleaner aesthetic.

What about color?
Black is always timeless, but people are definitely more receptive to color right now, which is true in fashion throughout from color-blocking to neon.

What's inspiring your latest designs?
I’m inspired by old Frogskin Oakleys from the 80s.

Tell us about your first pop-up!
Lookmatic is based out of LA and up to now, we've only sold online. One hurdle for our new customer is being able to try the product on, so I wanted to give people that kind of opportunity. When you hold up our product to anything else on the market, from Oliver Peoples to Tom Ford, you’ll quickly become a convert. We have quality and an affordable price point. Our pop-up will allow for that opporunity with a store-in-store inside TenOverSix from December 8 through maybe January or February.

In the meantime, what do you have planned for your East Coast clients?
By the end of the year, if not sooner, we want to give all our customers an at-home try on option, where customers can order five frames sent to them for free to try on, decide what they like, place an order with their prescription, and send the rest back. Right now, we offer a virtual try-on, where customers can upload their picture and try different frames on through our website. There's a lot coming up, including a future collaboration, so stay tuned on Lookmatic.com!

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