2011 April 4

Let Naeem Entertain You!

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The Expert Tells All! The Expert Tells All!
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The elegant designer Naeem Khan is known for throwing some of the best dinner parties in New York, so naturally, he was the first choice to come aboard Team Chic to share his ideas and rules on entertaining. 

HOW TO CHIC CHAT: "People are always interested in your life. You don't want to talk about yourself all the time, but you need to know the interests of your host or hostesses—where they've been, how they are doing. Keeping it simple and casual and not too heavy is most important. Gloomy or heavy subjects can really bring a party down. You need to make sure that whatever the conversation is, try and keep it a happy one. Travel is a great topic—if you've been somewhere. You have to be well read, too. I like reading. I'm up-to-date in what's happening in fashion and politics. I read The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal....If you are well read, party conversation is easy.


TOPICS TO AVOID: "Religion and politics should be kept out, definitely. It's spoiled many moods at parties, whether you're a Democrat or a Republican. People takes sides, and it can become nasty."


PICK APPROPRIATE MUSIC: "Some of my friends are young party people who love having fun, and when we're not at the Boom Boom Room, I play up-to-date, happening music at my home. But certain friends, like Iris Apfel, enjoy music from the fifties or sixties. We put on Doris Day, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland...I always make a playlist when I'm entertaining. And have dance music ready, too. Most of the time, somehow, we all end up dancing after dinner. But keep the music at a certain tone during the meal—it can't be too upbeat. Jazz would be amazing, but I wouldn't play rock for Iris."

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