2011 March 1

La Vie en Ruffian: Minimalism Deluxe

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The Ruffian Boys Lunch It The Ruffian Boys Lunch It
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Our Ruffian buddies, Brian Wolk and Claude Morais, recently went to one of their favorite haunts to conduct another fascinating interview just for vous! Who did they chat with this week? 


"With the fashion week storm moving East to Europe, we decided to take a moment for a well deserved two-hour lunch.  Where else than our home away from home? The very glamorous Le Caprice at the Pierre Hotel (which is quickly becoming the favorite Ruffian lunchtime haunt).  So enamored by this gastronomical Deco jewel box, we decided to do a bit of investigation to research which kindred spirit of ours designed it. We were thrilled to make contact with the revered interior architect and interior designer Martin Brudnizki. Jetsetting between London, his home base, and his new Manhattan offices, we were lucky enough to meet with this most sought-after designer of Soho House Miami, Cecconi West Hollywood, and the Waldorf Astoria Berlin.   


Brian Wolk: “When you dine in your spaces, do you see things you would have done differently?”


Martin Brudnizki: “I am generally satisfied because it is an evolution. You can’t fit everything in, and things happen at that time for a reason. I am always still learning.  It’s all about how things are made and the quality of the finish of the surface. Interior design of restaurants is one of the biggest challenges, as there are so many levels of operation. The most successful restaurants are the ones where all of the layers are perfectly aligned. It is a machine, after all.”


Claude Morais: “The lighting here is incredible, and from the research I’ve done on your other projects, it seems to be a theme.”


MB: “It’s all about the lighting.  You can design the most beautiful space, and if you don’t light it properly, it doesn’t matter.”

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