2010 September 14

Kelly Osbourne, Working Hard

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Chris Benz and Kelly Osbourne Chris Benz and Kelly Osbourne
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Kelly Osbourne's been making the rounds this Fash-Week, stopping in at Betsey Johnson, Erin Fetherston, Tracy Reese, Elise Overland, and slews of fetes. It's tough work, but someone's got to do it, right? Chic chatted with the petite blonde at Chris Benz's Spring 2011 presentation, where she dished on all the dirty work.

How are you feeling?
Really, really tired. I got in about 6:00 in the morning yesterday, and I only had about four hours sleep. It’s fun for me though—even though they say it’s work, I don’t know how this can be work. I get given the most gorgeous dresses, cars sent for me, they pay for my hotel, they fly me out here—just to go to the shows! I’m in girl heaven! I love this! I don’t care if I’m tired.

What do you love about Chris?
He caters to every woman. Every one of his collections, I could wear and my mom could wear—we’d just wear it differently. It’s a sign of a really good designer. And I love Chris. We always say, ‘Chris, why can’t you just be straight? You’re so hot! Seriously!’ I love him. It’s not very many designers who will personally call you and ask you to come to his show. It makes me feel really special when he does that!

You’re wearing Chris Benz, I assume?
It is the most comfortable dress I’ve ever worn. Because of the way it wraps, it’s like wearing a kimono. It’s the most comfortable thing I’ve worn to fashion week, that’s for sure!

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