2012 November 6

It's Cerre, Chéries!

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Clayton Cerre and Flavie Webster Clayton Cerre and Flavie Webster
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Former mods Flavie Webster and Clayton Cerre met on a train from Paris to Köln in the late nineties during their catwalk-strutting days and then refocused their life aspirations on design. The duo behind Cerre is known for sharp tailoring and custom leathers; an easy draw for an expansive celebrity clientele in their L.A.-based boutique. Quickly making their mark on Hollywood, dressing Rooney Mara in “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” rumor has it that the lovebirds could soon grace NYC with some more much-needed black attire. Before New Yorkers give them their seal of approval, Chic had to test the pair's compatibility.

Clayton, what characteristic of Flavie's is most similar to that of the star of "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"?
Clayton Cerre: Flavie is looking at me. This doesn't make it any easier. 
Flavie Webster: It's obvious. Come on!
CC: Not your computer hacking skills. That's for sure!

Modeling has taught me _____ about design.
CC: She already had a sense of style, but it taught her how to interact with fashion in daily life.
FW: It's taught me to socialize with all kinds of people.

Answer as Flavie. LA style encompasses what aesthetic?
CC: It's rock and roll chic. It's hard to describe LA in a few terms because there are so many things going on. There is a lot of modern influence but also the hippie aestetic. It's everything right now.
FW: It's definitely rock and roll. There are a lot of people here that are very eccentric.

Flavie, what made Clayton fall in love with you?
FW: My stubbornness.
CC: I was going to say her bad attitude.

What was Clayton wearing when you first met him?
FW: My memory is so bad!
CC: It's probably what I'm wearing now.
FW: Most likely tight jeans and a leather jacket.

What was the first thing Clayton said after you won the Moss Adams Fashion Innovator Award?
FW: Let's pack everything!
CC: I wanted to take everybody out for drinks. Let's go party!

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