2011 February 25

In Case You Missed It......

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What Stories Did You Miss This Week? What Stories Did You Miss This Week?
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John Galliano is suspended from Dior.  Vogue Italia editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani weighs in to Hilary Alexander:  "Christian Dior without John Galliano would be pity." 


Don't miss our runway reviews from Milan. Prada! Versace! Gucci! Etro! And much, much more! 


Andre Leon Talley wants Oscar nominees to dress like Cher. Joan Rivers ends prayer vigil. 


Kelly Osbourne's Material Girl ads are kinda cute.


Time chats with Vivienne Westwood. Here's a sample: "Are you into flowers?" I ask, naively expecting a smile from a woman known to be an avid gardener. "What do you mean, 'Am I into flowers?' What a stupid question," she says, her tone as fiery as her red-orange locks."


Gadhafi: A Fashion Guide? Seriously?


Oliver Zahm thinks the Internet's democratization of fashion and the lack of "education, reflection, understanding" is bad. Internet responds: Who is Oliver Zahm, again?


Which Oscar nominee is a former model for Guess? It's NOT Geoffrey Rush. 


Katie Holmes drops by MaxMara. Suri throws major temper tantrum at home, and threatens to withhold fashion advice to Mommy. 


Anna Wintour chats with The Telegraph


A Gallery of Sad Teddy Bears. Too much adorable.


We're tweeting every little detail in Milan. You get Milan. We get jet lag. @chicreport 



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