2012 February 23

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Fresh from the MFW front row! It might have taken 40 minutes for the Prada show to begin, but Chic didn't care. Our seat neighbor said it best: "It's nice to have a little time to myself! And you wait for Prada..." While we were waiting, we caught up with V and Bazaar's Stephen Gan to chat Raf and Muiccia.

Thoughts on Raf Simons leaving Jil Sander?
He's such a creative force and he's so talented! He's going to do well wherever he goes.

Do you think he'll go to Dior?
There are lots of rumors! I couldn't say. What do I know? Well, I do know he's a true genius. He'll do great at whatever house he ends up at, and with his own line. 

Let's talk Prada! Do you remember your first Prada show? 
Let me think. I've been coming for eleven years...but I'm such a fashion victim, I always love the most recent collection. 

Why is this show such a standout in Milan?
Walking up that ramp to get here, you enter Muccia's world. She has so much conviction for what she does. I was here a month ago for the men's collection, and that was just incredible. The set is similar today. It's her world and we love being in it for half an hour!

Do you remember the first piece of Prada you ever owned?
Now that's easier to answer! It was the first time I ever saw tech-y fabrics, and it was a suit in a kind of nylon fabric, and I thought it was the coolest thing at the dawning of Prada Sport twelve or thirteen years ago. Nobody had ever mixed sporting materials with a suit and I thought it was the best innovation in men's wear that I'd come across. It was also a skinny suit, which was very new at the time.

Do you still still own it?
It's somewhere! 

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