2012 December 24

Holiday Chatter with Ramy Brook

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Lovely Ramy Brook Lovely Ramy Brook
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We recently caught up with designer Ramy Brook's very own Ramy Sharp for a little pre-holiday chat to unearth where she's breaking, talk diamonds, and find out her ambitious plans for 2013! 

What are your plans for the holiday break?
We're going to Anguilla! We've been going for the past 12 years. We used to stay at this resort called CuisinArt, but this year we are staying at the Viceroy.

What are some of your fondest holiday memories?
Growing up at home we celebrated Hanukkah, but my mother loves Christmas decorations, so she would make us Hanukkah stockings. They would say Shalom down the front and were white and blue and had our names on them. She tried to incorporate Christmas in any way that she could.

Did you get them during Christmas or Hanukkah?
We would get them on Christmas! Sometimes we would get lucky and Hanukkah would fall over Christmas. It was always fun because that was a day everyone was off, Hanukkah could be in the beginning of the week or month when no one was off. But on Christmas we would open up our stockings and we would make a big brunch, and as we got older it would be fun to go to the movies.

What was the best holiday gift you've ever gotten?
That is such a loaded question.

Maybe your favorite gift this year?
I got a beautiful diamond ring. It’s so cool. It is somewhat of a bondage ring, and it goes up my pointer fingers. I pick out the stuff that I like from this jeweler; she does all of the dirty work and reaches out to my husband.

That’s a good idea.
I would like to say he went and picked it out but not really.

At least you know it’s something you really want.
When we first met he used to pick it out himself, but 9 times out of 10 I would want to return it. Over time I started to pick out my own gifts under the radar.

Any New Year’s Eve plans?
It is actually kind of a fun tradition in Anguilla, we go out to dinner and then we go back to the hotel and at midnight all of the kids jump in the pool. The hotels always do something; they bring in a DJ and they have fireworks. It’s a fun tradition.

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions this year?
I always do. I want to eat a little healthier; I want to get more organized in my life so things don’t fall through the cracks so much. I have also added to my list that I am going to answer my emails a little bit faster and return phone calls a little bit quicker. And overall just try to be a better person. I will let you know how I am doing on January 2nd.

Do you have any big 2013 plans for your business?
I do! It has been a really exciting time for me. The idea for the brand actually started in my head when I was in Anguilla, and I just started sketching things and thinking I would love to have my own company. And here we are two years later and I have my own full line of clothing and we're in over 150 stores. One of the exciting things for us this year is that we are designing bags, and the natural step after that would be some cool costume jewelry. I really just want to grow the business and the brand to a place where everyone will want to own something from it.

What was your favorite business moment from 2012?
One of the most exciting things was that there were a few stores that were really hot on my list and that I wanted to get into. One was Saks and that was accomplished, the other was Shopbob.

Besides bags and jewelry, what else is in store?
I would love to open up a store somewhere in the next year, and right now I am looking at a place in South Hampton and in East Hampton. My ultimate dream would be to have a beautiful place on Madison Avenue.

What about a store in Anguilla?
I would love to sell my clothes in my store there. I think it would do really well.

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