2011 March 3

He's Come Undone: The New Yorker On Galliano's Unraveling

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Yesterday's post on The New Yorker's "News Desk" blog about Galliano was penned by Michael Specter, who wrote a fantastic profile of the doomed designer entitled "The Fantasist" seven years ago. Here, a few wise theories courtesy of Specter for making sense of Galliano's madness:

1. One's personal demons and hedonistic vices are often romanticized by the style set: "Even Galliano’s drug abuse was seen by many of the most prominent people in fashion as an adorable foible, like wearing a monocle or writing with a fountain pen."

2. Prominent people should stop doing irrational and incriminating things because there's an iPhone lurking around every corner: " ...[Galliano] also denied the worst charges, which would certainly have been the thing to do if his perfidious behavior had not been captured by someone’s camera phone. (When are famous people going to realize that the days of private outbursts in public places have ended?)"
3. Be offended and disgusted, but don't be surprised: "But who could be shocked at his behavior? Who would have expected any other end?"

4. Fashion is forgiving since train wrecks happen... "If it is the end: the fashion world has a remarkable ability to shrug off the odd deeply flawed human being, as long as he or she can... wear one like Kate Moss, who, despite behavior that sets a disastrous example for millions of girls, including issues with drugs, is forgiven because, well, she is really very pretty."
5. ...And they happen quite often: "Let’s watch the self-righteous indignation and reserve a little anger for the enablers. Because when it comes to people like John Galliano, there are way too many of them to count."

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