2010 November 23

Happy Birthday, Joe Zee!

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Joe Zee Joe Zee
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Maybe it's the dents, but Joe Zee is looking better than ever on his (cough, cough) birthday. What better way to toast Elle's creative director than by revisiting Chic's favorite Zee-isms?

November 22, 2010, Twitter:
"I should be writing and working but instead I'm flipping through online slideshows of Kate Middleton. #ILoveAPrincess"

November 20, 2010, Twitter:
“Is it me or is there more frenzy and insanity over the @hm Lanvin sale today than the Harry Potter opening? Ruffles over wizards in 2010.”

September 13, 2010, The Daily:
“I'll let Prabal have the Twitter crown. I'm so bad lately; I do all my writing in clumps when I have time. So you get clumps or nothing!”

July 7, 2010, Facebook:
“No email or phone for the next 17 hours. I may need a valium to handle that. Ok, check.”

May 21, 2010, Facebook:
“Big morning. Getting sworn in and becoming an official American! Only took 20 years - talk about being fashionably late.”

April 22, 2010, Facebook:
“Boarding a plane on Earth Day feels a tad hypocritical. But how else am I going to get across the country? Please don't judge me. Happy Earth Day!”

February 23, Facebook:
“Crazy lady with a feather in her hair (I swear it's Judy Tenuta) just crashed into front row with us. She was thrown out of course.”

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