2011 March 8

Getting To Know You...Pippa Small

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Meet Pippa Small! Meet Pippa Small!
Photo Courtesy of Pippa Small
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Jewelry designer Pippa Small has collaborated with Gucci, Nicole Fahri and Chloe, and now she has her own shops in London and LA. You know the drill by now.... We ask! She tells!

Name: Pippa Small
Age: N/A
Birthplace: Canada
Current city: London, England

Favorite animal: Birds
Hours of sleep: "Eight, hopefully."
Street of choice: "Chicken Street in Kabul, full of central Asian merchants and traders of carpets, lapis from Badakshan and cornelian from Turkmenistan, tiles, Afghan coats."
Toothpaste: "Tom's."
Word: "Brilliant"
Drink: "Hibiscus tea"
Favorite Teacher: "The indigenous elders and craftsman I have worked with around the world
Entree: Linguine with chestnuts and wild herbs."
Body part: Hands
Showtune: "West Side Story"
Tool: "Thread for beading, stringing, knotting."
Bottled water of choice: "Filtered water."
How often do you check Facebook a day? 0
Allergy: "Hay and dust."
How do you like your coffee? "With lots of whizzed-up hot milk and brown sugar."
Exercise: ."Riding horses in India."
Greatest expenditure: "Books."
Escape plan: "To have a little farm in the hills in Rajasthan."
How often do you drive? "Not much in London."
Illicit crush: "Picasso."
What makes you jealous? "Studying the brilliant craftsmanship of ancient classical goldsmiths."
Best day of your life? "So many! Finishing a beautful new collection of jewelry in Afghanistan, and the craftsman and feeling really proud. And also Tom Ford saying he loved my collection for Gucci in 2003!"
Dance: "With abandon to brilliant music with friends."
Monthly drying cleaning bill: "I very rarely use a dry cleaner."
Taxi or subway? "Subway."

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