2011 March 25

Getting To Know You...Maryna Linchuk

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Maryna Linchuk Maryna Linchuk
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Maryna Linchuk has graced the cover of Italian Vogue, walked in several Victoria's Secret shows, appeared in campaigns for Versace and Donna Karan and now... She's answered our silly questionnaire, which has got to be a highlight of her life. 


Name: Maryna Linchuk

Age: 22

Birthplace: Belarus, Minsk (Sometimes I make people's lives easier saying Russia.) 

Current city: Beloved NYC


Favorite animal: Koala bears knowing I cant get close to them. 

Hours you sleep at night: You learn in modeling that 8 is ideal - that has been stuck in my mind since my teenage years. I love sleeping.

Street of choice: Elizabeth St. in Soho NY - so charming!

Number: 13 - don't need to explain right? 

Toothpaste: Rembrandt

Word: Love. Love is the answer.

Drink: Coconut water, but can't deny a good vodka with lemon is also part of my culture! 

Favorite teacher: I don't remember her name - but the one that did teach me how to read.

Entree: Fish in general. I love the Branzino at the Mercer Hotel 

Favorite magazine article: An entire article about water in Men's Health - Did you know ice water is not good for your digestive system?

Body part: In a man- hands and for girls, their ass. 

Showtune: Defying Gravity from Wicked! 

Tool: A fork - I'm a foody.

Cell phone carrier:  AT&T

Phone: Blackberry Torch

Bottled water of choice: Fiji

How often do you check Facebook a day: Ryan and Lorenzo at Arc take care of my Facebook fan page. I don't have a personal one. 

Allergy: Dust and mean people. 

How do you like your coffee: Cappuccino

Exercise: Sex for sure.

Greatest expenditure: Two F's: Food and Fur.

Escape plan: The beach. It doesn't matter where - I love it.

How often do you drive: I don't have a license yet, so have only been driving in parking lots! 

Illicit crush: Anyone with a private plane. More than a crush is my secret sin - I envy one so bad! 

What makes you jealous: My boyfriend is a DJ  so there are always girls around him during the parties. Don't tell him but that makes me jealous. 

Favorite childhood book: The Little Prince and Master and Margarita.  

Best day of your life was: Everyday I'm thankful for my life.

Dance: I appreciate ballet dancers so much but have no idea how to dance. I can stare at them for hours! 

Dry cleaning bill: I don't dry clean, I wash everything! 

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