2011 March 18

Getting To Know You...Julie Ordon

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Julie Ordon Julie Ordon
Patrick McMullan
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Meet Julie Ordon, a former Chanel model, whose fresh face graces the latest cover of Parisian glossy, French Magazine. She's posed for Victoria's Secret, gotten dolled up for Bebe, and stripped down to a teeny bikini for Sports Illustrated. Recently, Page Six reported that shutterbugs at the Cinema Society screening of Cracks mistook the leggy blonde for Sharon Stone. Let's find out more!   

Name: Julie Ordon-Skwarczynski, aka Jules 
Age: 26
Birthplace: Geneva, Switzerland. The city of flowers!
Current city: If there was a city called "Airplane".... well, New York is home.

Favorite animal: I love polar bears—I would just like to hop on one.
Hours of sleep: Ten, eleven...It's never enough.
Street of choice:  Rue Saint Honoré in Paris...my credit card disagrees.
Number: 9
Toothpaste: Dentagard from Colgate
Word: Imagination
Drink: Red wine and also tea
Favorite teacher: Mr. Felix. I love his name--reminds me of feliz. (Happiness in Spanish!)
Entree: Yellow tail jalapeno from Nobu. Yum yum.
Favorite recent magazine article: It was about food...pork, beef, salmon and chicken, and how the level of omega 6 is rising and flax seed. Some European magazine; I can't remember.
Body part: Eyes and neck--look how swans are graceful!
Showtune: "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend"
Tool: My credit card. I feel I can get out of trouble with it—and sometimes get in trouble, too!
Cellular carrier: AT&T
iPhone or Blackberry? Blackberry
Bottled water: Evian of course!
How often do you check Facebook a day? Once a month, maybe, but I update lots of pics from my phone.
Allergy: Peanuts and morphine. Vulgarity, too.
How do you like your coffee? Decaf with ice and skim milk.
Exercise: A mix of pilates, boxing and the Tracy Anderson Method.
Greatest expenditure: My apartment. Home is my temple.
Escape plan: My bed, no cell phone, candy from Switzerland called Dragibus and a glass of wine.
How often do you drive? I like to be driven!
Illicit crush: My lips are sealed.
What makes you jealous? The dumbest things. You wouldn't believe me.
Favorite childhood book: A French one called Oui Oui.
Best day of your life: My daughter's birth.
Dance: My daughter's dance. She moves like you have never seen. A baby dance is the best!
Monthly drying cleaning bill: It feels so crazy saying this. It's $600.

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