2011 March 4

Getting To Know You...Jeisa Chiminazzo

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Gorgeous! Gorgeous!
Photo Credit: Mert & Marcus
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Brazilian supermodel Jeisa Chiminazzo has done campaigns for basically everyone, but she's so much more than just a pretty face. We get to know her better...

Name: Jeisa Chiminazzo  
Age: 25
Birthplace: Brazil
Current city: New York

Favorite Animal: My two lovely dogs. I live for them! 
Hours of sleept: I'm a sleeper--8 hours and on weekends I splurge with 9 or 10. 
Street of choice: Champs-Elysees in Paris. This is what I call true iconic address.
Number: 8. My lucky number and symbol to infinite
Toothpaste: Brite smile
Word: Forever
Drink: Full-bodied red wines 
Favorite teacher: The one and only Mrs. Barbacena--the first grade and unforgettable teacher in Brazil.
Entree: Anything with truffles
Favorite recent magazine article: It has to be the article on Janet de Cordova on the Hollywood Issue by Vanity Fair. What a beautiful story! I wish a had a Gracie in my life. 
Body part: Hands. They are beautiful and useful. (I play the piano!) 
Tool: All my kitchen stuff - cooking is my passion
Cell phone parrier: AT&T but can't remember why I went with them. 
iPhone or Blackberry? Blackberry team. If there was a Nobel price for mobile phone, Blackberry should get it because of BBM.
Bottled water of choice: Fiji--love the taste
How often do you check Facebook a day? I only go there like 2 or 3 times a week.
Allergy: Vulgarity. Can't stand it. 
How do you like your coffee? I'm a tea type of girl.
Exercise: Yoga, yoga, yoga. It has brought the balance in my life that I needed.
Greatest expenditure: Art and clothes, but in the past year, I bought an apartment in Tribeca.
Escape plan: India. I went and felt in love. Luckily, my job always brings me back there. 
How often do you drive? I cab and use the subway--no driving for me. 
Illicit Crush: Do I sound cheesy if I say George Clooney? (EDITOR'S NOTE: Nope!)  
What makes you jealous? I'm so not that type.
Favorite childhood book: Rapunzel
Best day of your life: In my modeling career, I guess the best day was when I learned I landed on the cover of French Vogue celebrating Brazil, my home country.
Dance: Tango. It's the most charming and engaging dance out there.
Monthly drying cleaning bill: Don't tell anyone, but after 10 years in NY, I could have bought a car or two! 



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