2011 April 7

Getting To Know You...Donald Pliner

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It's Donald J. Pliner! It's Donald J. Pliner!
Photo Courtesy Of Donald J. Pliner
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He's dressed Cher (!) and Diana Ross (!!), and famously styled Ali MacGraw in an editorial shoot for Vogue, and now this shoe designer is giving his legendary brand a makeover. But priorities are priorities: Our questionnaire comes first! 


Name: Donald Pliner 

Age: 67 years young

Birthplace: Chicago, IL  

Current city: "Miami, but I also have residences in New York and Los Angeles."

Street of choice: "MacArthur Causeway where I do my runs over to Olivers."

Number: "7"

Toothpaste: "Arm and Hammer Whitening."

Word: "Yes, with emphasis on the 's,' and no with emphasis on the 'o.' Don’t masticate."

Entree: "Cream of spinach."             

Favorite recent magazine article: "Men’s Health's  'How to Talk to Your Dog' from the March 2011 issue."

Store of choice: "Donald J Pliner, of course."

Country song:  "I can’t say. I don’t listen to country much."

Ipad 1 or 2? "Ipad 1."

Blackberry or iPhone: "Blackberry"

Bottled water: "FIJI."

Intern: "Babydoll, my dog."

How often do you check Facebook a day? "Never. My schedule doesn’t allow for personal social media."

Allergy: "Cats and people that don’t find out the right information."

Charity: "Peace for the Children Foundation"         

Coffee order: "Regular with cream or espresso with sugar."

Exercise: "I run outside every day I’m in my Miami home. However, when I’m on the road, I put in an hour every day, no matter where I am. At least 352 days a year."

Gym: "The outside world."

Title of your autobiography? "Second, Third, Fourth Time Around and Never Say No."

Greatest expenditure: "My home on Star Island."

Escape plan: "Protection of the family."

Supermarket must-have: "At Whole Foods, the tandoori chicken and vegan buttermilk cookies.and Vegan buttermilk cookies."

How often do you drive? "Occasionally. Two or three times a week—I would do it more often if I wasn’t in a plane so much."

Illicit crush: "Julianne Moore."

When was the last time you were at the post office? "About two months ago"

What make you jealous? "People who succeed without working."

Best day of your life? "Meeting my wife Lisa, adopting my daughter, Starr, and getting my dog, Babydoll."

Dance: "Rod Stewart."

Monthly dry cleaning bill: "$250."

Nickname: "The other (real) Donald or Donny."

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