2011 March 31

Getting To Know You...Daniel Vosovic

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Daniel Vosovic Daniel Vosovic
Photo Via Patrick McMullan
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He's one of the most popular contestants in Project Runway history, but more importantly, he's still in the game. 


Name: Daniel Vosovic


Animal: "Brussels Griffon"

Hours of sleep: "6.5"

Street of choice: "Washington Mews"

Number: "3"

Toothpaste: "Tom's of Maine"

Word: "Beast"

Drink: "Champagne."

Favorite Teacher: "Cheryl Blodgett, my middle-school drama teacher."

Entrée: "Salted ice cubes."

Favorite recent mag read: "An article chronicling the final moments a Japanese nurse had with her patients before the tsunami swept over them. I was bawling while reading it, but I forced myself to keep it as a reminder of what's important, especially now when the stress of starting a new business can consume oneself if you let it."

Body Part: "Forearms."

Showtune: "No Thanks."

Tool: "Nicholas Cage."

Bottled Water of Choice: "Bobble"

Intern's Name: "The powerhouse trio: Marc, Sydney, Rachel."

How often do you check Facebook a day?  "Busy: once. Bored: countless."

How do you like your coffee? "Cappuccino."

Exercise: "Gymnastics."

Greatest Expenditure:  "My business."

Escape Plan:  "Hut on a beach where no one can reach me."

How often do you drive? "Once every two weeks (Thank you Zipcar!)"

Blackberry or iPhone? "iPhone."

Favorite zip code: "11954."

Illicit crush: "Ben Whishaw."

What make you jealous? "When I have an idea, and see it executed better by someone else."

Best day of your life? "When I finally came out to my friends."

Dance: "Down and real durty."

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