2011 May 19

Getting To Know You...Azature

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Azature Azature
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Azature, also known at the "Black Diamond King" (you learn something new every day!) was selected as a featured designer in GenArt's Fresh Faces in Fashion in 2008. These days, Rihanna, Fergie and Beyoncé are wearing his jewelry. Not too shabby.  


Nickname: AZ

Age: "Young."

Birthplace: Los Angeles

Current Abode: Los Angeles and New York


Hours you sleep: 6

Hours you'd like to sleep: "More"

Street of choice: "Sunset Boulevard, the street I was born on."

Foreign Word: "Shukran. It means Thank you in Arabic."

Drink: Jack on the rocks

Airline: JetBlue

Body part: Eyes

Snack: "Peanut M&M’s, but the dark brown ones only."

Blackberry or iPhone:  "Blackberry—I'm a Blackberry Messaging addict."

Tap or Sparkling? "Champagne…so I guess sparkling!"

How often do you check Facebook a day? "Don’t ask."

Allergy:  "Blue denim."

Exercise: "Powerbox. I have to release my stress somehow."

First fashion show: Versace

Greatest expenditure: Airplane tickets

Escape plan: "Why would I tell anyone?"

Dog or cat? "Penguin."

Illicit crush: Rihanna and Queen Rania of Jordan."

What make you jealous? "I don’t get jealous … I’m just demanding."

Monthly drying cleaning bill: "Too much. I do only wear black, after all."

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