2011 April 11

Getting To Know You...Anna Zeman of Alex and Eli

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Anna Zeman, Aja Singer Anna Zeman, Aja Singer
Anna Zeman, Aja Singer
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We all know Alex and Eli  designers Anna Zeman and Aja Singer as a duo, but who are they really? Fill out our silly questionnaire, darlings.  


Name: Anna Zeman

Age: 28

Birthplace: Seattle

Current abode: New York



Hours you sleep: "5.5"

Street of choice: "Street of dreams..."

Word: "Nefarious"

Drink: "Harvey Wallbanger."

Favorite room: "My own bedroom."

Vegetable: "Sweet potato." 

Favorite recent magazine article: "NY Mag's feature on "The Apartment-- A History of Vertical Living.'"

iPad application? "I'm a Gilt City junkie!"

Show tune: "The Phantom of the Opera"

Communication tool: "iPhone, clearly."

Hydration: "Smart Water"

Intern: "Alex."

Facebook visitation schedule: "I check it up to three times a day, via my phone."

Allergy: "None."

Coffee order: "Bold drip with 3/4" of soy milk, a splash of half and half, 1.5 Sweet and Lows, sprinkled with nutmeg."

Exercise: "Running and spin."

Bread: "Baguette." 

First fashion show experience: "Rodarte."

Greatest expenditure: "My education."

Escape plan: "Making millions."

How often do you drive? "Once or twice a year."

Illicit crush: "Woody Allen."

What makes you jealous? "People who are more disciplined than I am."

Monthly dry cleaning bill: "A lot."

Mode of transportation: "The subway"

Please list as many TiVo-ed or DVR-ed shows: "I don't own a television. Netflix only!"


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