2011 March 3

Getting To Know You.... Joy Gryson

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How does Joy Gryson like her tequila? How does Joy Gryson like her tequila?
Photo Courtesy of Joy Gryson
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Did you know that Joy Gryson of Gryson is the former director of accessories and design for Marc Jacobs? Non? There's probably a lot more that you need to learn about this lovely handbag designer then. Let's discover Joy! 


Name: Joy Gryson         

Age: Really? Thirty-something

Birthplace: Seoul, Korea

Current City: New York City


Favorite Animal: Monkey

Hours You Sleep A Night: 6-7, I need to sleep!

Street Of Choice: Mercer Street

Number: 11                         

Toothpaste: Crest - Whitening Gel Toothpaste, Fresh Clean Mint                                                                                                     

Word: Emotional                                                                                                        

Drink:  Patron Silver CHILLED, with a lime                                                                                                               

Favorite Teacher: Professor Schwartz - FIT                                                                                           

Entree:  Dukboki from Do Hwa or Yellowtail Jalapeno from Nobu Next Door                                                                                                               

Body Part: Eyes                                                                                             

Showtune: On My Own from Les Miserables                                                                                                 

Tool: White Muji retractable pencil (if you consider that a tool)                                                                                                                    

Bottled Water of Choice: Poland Spring                                                                       

How often do you check Facebook a day? 0 - TMI!                                       

Allergy: Mold                                                                                                       

How do you like your coffee? Starbucks Tall Light Whip Mocha (tastes like candy!)                                           

Exercise: Tennis                                                                                                

Greatest Expenditure:  Shoes, shoes, shoes                                                                            

Escape Plan: St. Barths                                                                                                   

How often do you drive? Very rarely!  My husband Pete likes to drive.                                                                   

Illicit Crush: So obvious - Johnny Depp!                                                                                                     

What make you jealous: Beautifully colored eyes, the color of my eyes are just so boringly dark brown                                                                      

Best Day Of Your Life Was...... When my daughter Olivia was born                                                                     

Dance:  If there is a name to the dance, then not my thing...                                                                                     

Monthly Drying Cleaning Bill: I'm embarrassed, hundreds.                                                         

Taxi or Subway: Subway, taxi only out of necessity (depends on the height of my heels that day!)                                                                                       

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