2010 July 19

Getting the Look

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(NEW YORK) Alan Mruvka, creator and co-founder of The Movietime Channel, now known as E! Entertainment television, has just launched The Look, a new online network focusing on celebrity, beauty and fashion. Mruvka explained, “When I was first pitching E! back in 1985, I used to say television was like a newspaper in that you had headline news, sports, weather and so on, but there was no real entertainment section, and so that’s where E! came in. Today, I say that television is like a magazine stand. You don’t have to be a genius to realize that women’s fashion magazines are as thick as phonebooks and men’s are thinner. It’s all about the celebrity look, what they’re wearing and how they make themselves beautiful.”

So why launch a project online instead of on television? “I feel that the convergence of internet and television is here," he claimed. "We’re still at the front edge of it, and it’s not necessarily easily attainable to everyone at this point, but it’s here, and it’s only getting easier. In a few years from now your cable provider will be your internet provider.”

While E! attracts a younger set craving Kardashian programming and gossipy juice, The Look will cater to crowd that is a bit older with shows like On the Scene, Fashion Diva and Beauty School, all heavily focusing on celebrity fashion, achieving the look, but above all, buying product. “Internally, we’re an ecommerce site disguised as an entertainment site. It’s all about selling product and getting the look of the celebrity out there. We’re really an online department store wrapped in an entertainment site,” said Mruvka. The Look allows viewers to shop by celebrity, providing instant gratification. “If you’re a Hilary Duff fan living in the Midwest, then you can click on our site and see everything she is wearing and buy a look like hers. It takes that impulse to another level. On television, if you see someone on the red carpet and they answer the question, 'Who are you wearing?' then that’s as far as it goes. The internet, however, is limitless.”

What is next in the celebrity fashion and shopping phenomenon? Shopping by character, as opposed to simply emulating the celebrities' street looks. “We’re going to start focusing on getting the styles from films and television. For example, if you like Jennifer Aniston in The Bounty Hunter, then you can achieve that look. It’s the next step, as it’s a little more complicated, but that is our next mission.”

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