2010 July 7

Front Row Dishfest, Straight from Armani Prive Couture!

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Hugh Dancy, Claire Danes Hugh Dancy, Claire Danes
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(PARIS) Armani’s couture front row was missing a few of the major players associated with the brand in the last six months: Lady Gaga had a previous committment at Madison Square Garden and Megan Fox is still in honeymoon bliss. But the show must go on, and the brand flew in a few other recognizable faces for its showing at Place Vendome instead. “We’ve had fantastic time in Paris so far,” smiled Claire Danes as she took her seat with Hugh Dancy. “You know, it’s worth it to come here for few days, see such a beautiful show, and then enjoy the city as well. You can never get tired of this!”

Dancy, however, had trouble focusing on the clothes, thanks to a certain famous face seated across the runway. “I was trying to get your attention for the whole show,” the actor later told Michael Roberts. “I was screaming and waving at you!” The Dancy/Danes duo sat next to Roberta Armani, who was already contemplating her lazy European August plans. “I can’t wait for vacation,” she said. “I always spend it in America. I usually just get on my bike and ride around Utah and California just to be free.”

Sitting further down the aisle: new Bond Girl Gemma Arterton, Claudia Cardinale, Isabelle Huppert, and Daphne Guinness, who sported more diamonds than the entire Russian billionairess section. “I just shoved this all on,” she shrugged. “I’ve got a whole thing about wearing earnings upside down!” Meanwhile, Cameron Silver proudly sported a glittering accessory of his own: the shiniest male Louboutins on the market. “I’m only wearing these babies and cream-colored suits this season,” he announced. “That’s my couture uniform.”

Perhaps the favorite guest was the most unexpected: recent French Open champ (and the only Italian Grand Slam female winner ever), Francesca Schiavone. Mr. Armani is a big tennis fanatic, for those of you who don’t know. “This obviously my first fashion show,” Schiavone said of her experience. “Everyone kept telling me how short it was going to be, but you know what? It wasn't that short, and with all this festivity. One thing is for sure: When I arrive at the airport here in Paris, I truly feel nice.” But do her feet feel equally loved? “No!” she laughed. “I think I can only handle heels for a few hours!”

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