2012 July 23

From The Daily Swim: Who's Showing In Miami, Take Deux!

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Red Carter (left); A.J. Araujo (right) Red Carter (left); A.J. Araujo (right)
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More Miami Swim Week must-knows, cheris! The bikini brigade is winding down today, but here are a couple more designers of note from the South Beach scene...

Launched: 2004
Current Inspiration: “Studio 54 meets the Marrakech spice market.”
Real name: Daniel
Fantasy front row-goer: Grace Coddington
First summer job: “A role in the cult eighties classic Teen Witch!”
Furry accessories of choice: Two French bulldogs named Spencer Tracy and Humphrey Bogart.  
Claim to fame: “I invented Post-Its.”
Dream job: “President of the Charo fan club.”

Launched: 1988 
Current inspiration: Salvador in Bahia, Brazil
Offshoot: Paola Robba for Poko Pano, which was inspired by seaside resorts.
Nickname: Paya
Pastime: Drinking caipirinhas

Launched: 2008
Current inspiration: Carmen Miranda
Past career: Acting
Onscreen role: Araujo was a Brazilian soap star in the nineties!
Spends time: “Watching documentaries on 19th century houses.”
Craving: Raisin bread
Obsession: “Antiques, sneakers, and dogs!”Dream job: “A Miami housewife!”

Launched: 2004
Current inspiration: “Beach, romance, lace, rock ‘n’ roll, and pioneers.”
Degree: Masters in mechanical engineering
Fantasy front row-goer: Tina Fey
Nickname: Dude
Hobby: Crocheting
Back-up plan:
“I’d be a forensic scientist, detective, or a cop who profiles criminals.”
And we quote: “Every conversation I have somehow ends up incorporating cats.”

Launched: Mid-fifties
Current inspiration: Miami Beach
Previous profession: A doctor specializing in rehabilitation
Secret skill: “I’m the queen of the dance floor.”
And we quote: “I’ve designed some bikinis for my lovely dog."

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