2011 March 1

Forget Emily Post: Naeem Khan Dishes Etiquette 101!

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Jennifer Nilsson-Weiskott and Naeem Khan Jennifer Nilsson-Weiskott and Naeem Khan
Photo by Patrick McMullan
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Chic caught up with Naeem Khan at the Society Presents: Fencing Lessons with Tim Morehouse event that he hosted last night. We'll have more details on what went down last night later today, but first our chat about manners with the gracious designer.

We hear you've got impeccable manners.
NK: Oh, it's very good to hear that!

So why does etiquette matter to you?
You are a man by the manners you keep. Your respect for society is assessed by your manners, so people judge you by your manners. Manners are all about respect. I grew up with that. Growing up in a very close-knit, loving family, my parents gave me all their respect - I was treated like a prince in my own family. I feel honored and I have to give back to others like that. To be a quality human being, you have to have manners.

Okay, now for a manners pop quiz! If you're buying a small purchase, like a bagel, using a debit card, do you tip anything?
Of course it's important to tip, even if it's a small tip, a dollar or 50 cents. But it's better to leave cash if possible instead of using a card.

What is fashionably, not rudely, late?
You should always leave your host a bit of time to get ready. If somebody invites you for dinner at eight, you can't land up there at 8:01. I throw a lot of parties and sometimes with my busy schedule, I'm always running a little tight on time. It's always a good idea to give the host within 15 minutes, I'd say. Inside a 20-minute window is fine.

And what's the window for sending thank you cards?
Three days later is too late. I find that within the first or second day, it's most important. I feel it should be the next day. I've been guilty of sending a thank you card three or four days later, perhaps because I was travelling or something. But as a rule of thumb it should be the next day. It just shows disrespect for the person who put on an event for you if you don't.

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