2012 June 28

The Most Texan Thing About Erin Wasson, Revealed!

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Erin Wasson last night at The Soho Grand Erin Wasson last night at The Soho Grand
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Last night at the Soho Grand Hotel Vs. magazine had a party to celebrate the sexy Jenna Elizabeth-directed short film "The Heimlich Maneuver" starring current covergirl Erin Wasson.  It's a big month for Wasson who can also be seen in the recently opened film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. We caught up with this sassy girl for a few minutes to talk Vs., New Orleans, and margaritas...

You’re a movie star now!
No, I’m not, don’t try to compartmentalize me.

What does that mean?
It means I’m a woman of many facets, and you can’t just use one word to describe me.

Gotcha! Tell me a little bit about this project with Vs...
Well, Vs. was one of the first magazines to approach me after I had filmed Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. They really wanted to create a concept that encapsulated the idea of this seductress, but is this really strong powerful female. It came about very naturally working with Jenna. She has wonderful ideas and opinions and is so talented. It’s all about the next generation and she's the next generation. 

Was acting part of your game plan?
Not at all.

How did it come to you then?
The universe. I was sitting on a beach in Australia one day and I got a call asking if I would read for a part. The producer Jim Lemley knew my old agent from Paris from about ten years ago. They called me and I peeled myself off the beach to put myself on tape. The next thing you know I was doing a movie in New Orleans.

Thoughts on New Orleans...
I loved it with all of my heart and soul. New Orleans feels like another world, you don’t feel like you’re in the United States of America when you're there. They have drive-through daiquiris, for God's sake!

You're from Texas originally, so what's the most Texas thing about you?
That I can tell someone to f*ck off with a smile on my face.

How does that go?
Oh, bless your heart.

You're hilarious! Do you go back to Texas often?
I go back as much as I can. I have a nephew now, Gabriel; he’s one so he has to know the sound of my own voice. He’s so important; we are a really tight knit family, so it is really important for me to be a part of his life.

What are you doing for fun this summer?
I’m taking a much-deserved month off. I’m going to stay in L.A. and horseback ride like a motherf*cker.

You're drinking a margarita right now, so how do you like it?
Well I like to make them with really fresh limes…

I’m not a salt girl.

Favorite tequila?
Anything will do, when it comes to Margaritas you are putting so much in it, it’s almost a fatal thing to use really good tequila.

We're partial to Patrón...
You know that’s Paul Mitchell’s tequila line, he created Patrón. The guy with the pony tail made Patrón! 

Who knew?!

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