2010 February 13

Dear Daily Diary: Lowe Hutson Edition!

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Lowe Hutson Lowe Hutson
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There are countless reasons to love the Hutson clan, but the most adorable one yet is three-year-old Lowe Hutson, the precocious daughter of the creative duo behind Generra. She may be a mere tot, but the darling blondie has plenty to say. We asked the tiny protégée, along with mom and dad, to keep a diary of all the happenings in the Hutson house. Behold!

10:10 AM, Jan 24th 2010
Dear Daily,
What a sunny morning! Last night Mommy and I watched Snow White two times! I love that crazy witch. The movie is also Mommy and Dad's inspiration for their new stuff at Generra. Sometimes, I like to call them by their first names, kind of: Christina and Swammy. Getting a snack, be right back!

4:30 PM, Jan 25th 2010
Dear Daily,
I fell asleep last night with my pop tart, milk and iPod. So sorry! Mommy and Dad just got home from new work stuff with Mel Ottenberg- a radical gentleman. He is working on the fashion show with them. Mommy just showed me a fancy-pants dress from Generra with ruffles. It’s so cool! And it’s even my fave color: hot, hot pink! OK, be right back...

6:10 PM, Jan 30th 2010
Dear Daily,
Whoa, sorry it took me so long! What a wonderful day. We are all on our way to meet Wanda Colon from Barneys at Vinegar Hill House. She is so radical. Maybe I will color a little, maybe eat some fries, maybe a little ice cream, even!

7:38 PM, Jan 31st 2010
Dear Daily,
It’s the final countdown...close to Mommy and Dad's show time. They told me there will be some awesome music there because Scott Mou, who also dropped my birthday tracks, is doing the music. This is going to be way cool. He's dreamy!

‘Til next time kiddies. Don’t be a nerd!XOXO

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