2010 April 26

Dear Daily!

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Amanda Brooks, Christos Garkinos, Becca Cason Thrash Amanda Brooks, Christos Garkinos, Becca Cason Thrash
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(LOS ANGELES) Dear Daily,

Last week, Becca Cason Thrash graciously opened up her jaw-dropping home and shared her favorite fashion secret---decadestwo, the pre-eminent 21st century designer consignment boutique which I co-own in Los Angeles---with her impossibly chic and lovely Houston ladies. In Watergate terms, I can reveal,that Becca is my personal fashion Deep Throat. For years, she has only been known as a consigner #815 to our customers---50 of which are immediately alerted when a package from her arrives from Houston. They are obsessed with #815’s style and her treasure trove of modern McQueen, Galliano, and Chanel---and they make a beeline to the store upon receiving the call.

Becca and I are longtime friends. I look forward to her voicemail messages, which invariably begin with "Chreestos, I’m just short of desperate...I’m meeting the queen next week and need something to wear. Send me a care package, and I will send you one in return with some of my goodies.” So you can imagine my excitement when my team and I arrived at her home to prepare for the trunk show the following day. I was finally going to reach the Holy Grail---Becca Cason Thrash’s closet.

Upon arrival Becca greeted us at the door, looking gorgeous after snipping off 5 inches of her mane, and took us through a tour of her 21,000 square foot, two bedroom home. I caught sight of rolling racks on the second floor and a bead of sweat formed on my brow. Becca captured my gaze and let out a hearty laugh. “There is no way I’m going to let you into my closet," she said. "My husband never enters and even you, my sweet Chreestos, can’t have access.”

On Wednesday, my team began to prep for the event. We brought over 500 gorgeous dresses, handbags, shoes, and jewelry. Being the consummate hostess, Becca pitched in—merchandising and giving thoughts as to what would work for the Houston crowd, and adding some of her amazing goodies to the show. For lunch, she made us chicken salad sandwiches (served on Versace plates!) with Fritos on top. Fritos on Gianni? Heaven. 

Later that night at the cocktail event, even a jaded fashion maven like me was blown away at how these Houston women dress. To die for. They were festooned in Victoria Beckham, Chanel and McQueen. So naturally, they loved our pre-loved treasures consigned from other fashionista’s closets, and walked away with dresses from Naeem Khan, Dior jackets and Chanel handbags, and on and on.

At the evening’s end, Becca whispered in my ear and told me to come up to the second floor. I’m going in! We walked up the stairs and into her husband’s closet. There sat a 12 foot long table—hoisted over the wall that morning---filled with Becca’s close friends, my team, and Amanda Brooks.  Fried chicken, champagne, candles and lively conversation ensued. To my left and 15 feet away sat Becca Cason Thrash’s closet. In plain sight. I turned back to the group as Becca was toasting my arrival and I smiled widely. I finally made it!

Christos Garkinos

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