2011 April 4

Cynthia Vincent's LES Love

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Cynthia Vincent and Aussie actress Bella Heathcote Cynthia Vincent and Aussie actress Bella Heathcote
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Last week, Cynthia Vincent celebrated the opening of her flagship boutique on Elizabeth Street. Chic dropped by Don Hill's for the afterparty, featuring a performance by ExitMusic and VeeV acai berry vodka cocktails, and a fashionably late appearance by Ed Westwick. Getting in a moment to gab with the bubbly designer wasn't hard, thanks to a serendipitous bathroom run-in with the Angeleno. Check out Vincent's potential second career as an interior designer and the Bowery resto that brings back beloved family memories!

What’s the vibe at your new flagship store in Nolita?
It’s almost like walking into my home. I had tons of fun doing it—I actually designed it myself and worked with the contractor directly. That’s my other love. I’ve done my own home and a few friends’ houses. 

Are you a Don Hill’s regular when you’re in New York?
No, I’ve never been, but I’ve always wanted to—I’ve heard so much about it over the years. I love to have fun and not be so serious about things, so it seemed like a great fit to celebrate the store opening.

Any plans to get an NYC pied-à-terre?
I’ve been looking in the Lower East Side, actually. It reminds me of my neighborhood in L.A.; I live in Silver Lake. I love the history of the Lower East Side, and when I tell older people who grew up there that I just opened a store nearby the area, they think I’m crazy. It’s interesting to hear that, given the transition of the area.

Do you have any local NYC haunts yet?
Oh, my God. Hecho en Dumbo is beyond incredible. I had a visceral experience when I went there. I'm Mexican, and it literally tasted like my grandma had gone to cooking school, because all of her flavors were there. The radish salad was amazing, and their chicken sopes were actually better than my grandma’s, because she would leave them in the pan too long. Hecho en Dumbo’s are perfect, because they’re crispy on the outside but fluffy in the middle, and people usually overcook them until they’re rock hard. When I first ordered sopes in L.A., I was like “What are these?!” I also had this dish at Hecho en Dumbo which they call “dry soup,” and last time I was in New York, they were kind enough to wrap it up for me to eat on the plane ride home. I lost my grandma recently, and it was just a beautiful moment. It’s crazy what food can do to the senses!

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