2010 September 16

Cosmo Coverline Quiz!

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A 1915 Cosmo cover girl dreams of better necking A 1915 Cosmo cover girl dreams of better necking
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Sex isn't the only thing that moves magazines. From "jealous bitches" to smoldering "hoo-has," see if you can spot the fakes ...

1. “Your Hoo-Ha Handbook”

2. “How to Put a Bitch in Her Place”

3. “Unleash Your Cheeks! Why Guys Stopped Loving the Thong”

4. “When Your Hoo-Ha’s Burning”

5. “Your Orgasm Face: What He’s Thinking When He Sees It”

6. “Do You Always Have to Pee? Find Out Why Your Tank Seems So Tiny”

7. “Your Va-Jay-Jay: Fascinating New Facts About Your Lovely Lady Parts”

8. “Untamed Va-Jay-Jays”

9. “How to Deal with a Jealous Bitch…When that Jealous Bitch Is You”

10. “How to Deal with a Bitch, Anytime, Anywhere”

11. “His Secret Moan Zones”

12. “Vaginas Under Attack”


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