2010 February 4

Correspondence We Actually Received: "Love Ninja" Edition

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Jay Cataldo versus Valentine's Day. Jay Cataldo versus Valentine's Day.
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We wouldn't say we're particularly sappy here at Chic, but this still feels a bit extreme, non? Someone needs to give this boy a hug.

Renegade Relationship Expert Vows To Destroy Valentine’s Day Once And For All…
Understands Hallmark May Now Ban Him for Life

New York, NY - (February 3, 2010)
- New York life coach and relationship expert Jay Cataldo is on a mission. He’s decided to wage his own war against what he calls “a disgraceful holiday.” This year, he plans to single-handedly put an end to Valentine’s Day once and for all.

Has a string of painful breakups blackened his heart beyond all repair? “Not at all,” Cataldo says. “I’m picking this fight because Valentine’s Day causes more trouble then it’s worth and I’m sick and tired of it. Cupid is on my hit list and I’m about to take him out.”

This “Love Ninja” turned hit man believes that putting an end to Valentine’s Day will actually help strengthen relationships. Jay says that no man should have to deal with the pressures of this “pseudo-holiday.”  “Valentine’s Day is nothing more than a competition between a woman and her girlfriends…there’s nothing romantic about it. I say it’s time for men to stop giving in to unrealistic expectations and put an end to this nonsense for good. The fairytale ends now.”

Men are tired of spending a month’s pay on dinner and gifts only to receive a foul attitude because it just wasn’t good enough.  “There’s no reason why a man should have to accept his girlfriend’s unspoken demands while receiving nothing in return,” says Jay. “This wretched day of massive expectation and zero appreciation needs to be destroyed. I’ll be preaching the evils of Valentine’s Day until Hallmark has me banned from every store.”

During Your Interview, Jay will reveal…

•    The #1 reason why Valentine’s Day needs to die
•    Valentine’s Day’s 5 serious flaws
•    What to say to make your girlfriend happily forget about Valentine’s Day altogether
•    How to create your own “manly” holiday where your girlfriend worships the ground you walk on for 24 hours straight
•    How to use Jay’s secret “Love Tactic #9” to make your girlfriend believe you’re the most romantic man on the planet

To schedule an interview, call Jay Cataldo at: [redacted]

Jay Cataldo is a New York life coach (http://www.JayCataldo.com), relationship expert, author of Get Your Girl Back, and the #1 coach on Twitter (http://www.Twitter.com/JayCataldo) whose unique relationship advice was recently featured on Maxim Radio and Playboy Radio. For more information on Jay’s relationship strategies and coaching programs, please visit: http://www.JayCataldo.com/dating-and-relationship-advice.

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