2010 March 17

Correspondence We Actually Received: DIgNI-tee Edition

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The DIgNI-tee The DIgNI-tee
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Stylish hospital gowns? We can't speak for everyone, but when we're even remotely under the weather, we're less concerned with fashion and more concerned with, well, illness. But for those die-hard chicettes: read on!

Just because you want to look fabulous, it shouldn’t ever mean that you have to sacrifice comfort to do so. We’re all guilty of it, from networking all night long in four-inch stilettos to our habitual visits to the bikini waxer, we all do painful things to look our best. These three must-haves have the ability to make any woman feel comfy, confident and gorgeous, no matter where she is.

Hospitals are known for supplying depressing and dowdy hospital gowns that leave one feeling exposed and uneasy. Why should those who need to feel confident and chic the most feel unattractive simply because they’re not at their best? IV Wear’s DIgNI-tee, a comfortable alternative to a traditional hospital gown has become the hospital gown of choice for savvy women everywhere. With full coverage and convenient snaps down the sides and arms for IV and mammography access, DIgNI-tee is the perfect option for women who want to look good and feel great!

Why should shapewear keep you from breathing easy? Leonisa Compression Garments are the perfect blend of advanced microfiber power knit technology with attractive styling to create effective body shaping while boosting energy and improving posture. Many other compression garments are impossible for warm weather, but Leonisa’s internal microfiber leaves one feeling comfortable, cool and fresh, even in humid summertime conditions.

Along with the summertime heat come beautiful sheer and white styles, and unfortunately, along with them, unwanted color transfer from the bra and panties underneath.  Women can avoid this notorious fashion crime with MySkins™, a line of twenty highly skin specific shades of flesh colored bras and panties that allow women of all skin colors to find their ideal lingerie match—one that won’t result in a obvious pop of color (the bad kind) or embarrassing underwear lines. Sounds perfect? MySkins™ also features remarkable seamless construction to eliminate lumps and bumps, making VPL (Visible Panty Lines) a thing of the past.  

Please let me know if you’re interested in sharing these summertime essentials with your readers.

Many Thanks,

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