2012 November 19

Cisco Adler Rocks Bobi

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Cisco Adler & Bobi Collaboration Cisco Adler & Bobi Collaboration
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Bobi's sumptuous jersey tees have been attiring chicettes since the L.A.-based brand launched six years ago. Blokes have been getting in on the action, too,  at retailers outside the U.S., amassing male celeb fans like Chris Noth, Kevin Costner, and Cisco Adler. Now, the brand is bringing T-time for the boys stateside, with a limited-edition collection for Fall '13/Spring '14 entitled Bobi Collaborative with Cisco Adler. The musician is best known for his collabs as a singer, writer, and producer, working with artists such as Wiz KhalifaShwayze, and G.Love; now, Adler is entering the fashion fray with his Bobi stylings... 

How did this collaboration arise? 
My wife has modeled for Bobi for a while, so I got to know the brand and the designers; I became a fan of the brand and cut. Kara [Lusardi] and I started talking and brainstormed until it fell into place. Also, I've always been a clotheshorse and my music led to me having a brand, and that led me to work with other amazing brands.

How is this different from your previous collaborations?
This is a step towards the luxury end of fashion. It's more about presenting an entire line rather than just one item. The brand fits me well and that's what I look for.

How does your personal style fuse with Bobi's? 
I like a shirt that looks like it has been around for 10 years, but is made of high quality threads. It's sort of low-brow, high-end versus high-brow, low-end theory. This line incorporates a lot of classics: I love a classic peacoat or cashmere sweater. There are ways to rock ‘n’ roll it out, by making it weathered or textured.

Part of your style is your hair. Have you always had that coif?
I grew it out junior or senior year of high school and never looked back! I've never called it iconic, but it just fits me. 

As a clotheshorse, how long do you spend getting ready?
That's hilarious. The hair takes no time but I definitely throw about three or four outfits on the floor before I find the one. I'm a housekeeper's nightmare!

Is there pressure in the music industry to create a signature look?
I'm just me. There is pressure from a label or artist's side to be squeezed into some sort of category or genre. But the ones that have careers are the ones that are themselves. No matter the sign of times, they sound or look like themselves.

Can Chic expect a performance at the U.S. launch of Bobi's mens' looks?
We are going to throw parties; I'm going to rock all of them and bring a bunch of my friends. We will make sure it's not just a fashion launch; it should be a cultural event!

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