2011 January 19

Chic Wonders: What Would You Get Betty White For Her Birthday?

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What is Betty White wishing for? What is Betty White wishing for?
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What can you possibly buy a woman who, A, is the fabulous Betty White and B, has experienced almost a century on earth? Not to fret! We quizzed a slew of party revelers at White's 89th birthday soiree for some creative picks, both real and imagined. Although we're not sure what could top Betty's favorite birthday loot to date: a Pekingese puppy. "I named him Bandit because he stole my heart," she remembers.  

"I was gonna get her a fifth of vodka, but the roads were so bad that my husband was like, 'we've got to keep going!'" ---Ana Gasteyer, SNL

"I did not get Betty a birthday gift, but I got like four really great dirty jokes I want to tell her. It’s hard with Betty, she knows all the body jokes, so I think I’ve got some zingers." ---Sherri Shepherd, The View

"The Hot in Cleveland cast adopted a baby elephant in Africa. The elephant is named Murka, and Betty will be getting monthly and weekly updates as Murka grows up." ---Jane Leeves, Hot In Cleveland actress

"I would buy Betty a sleep mask so she can really sleep at night. I've explored sleep masks, and I've found they really work. Because there's nothing more important than a good night's sleep." ---Arianna Huffington

“I’m gonna get her this risotto I’m eating right now. This is amazing, oh my God! I’ve gotta start hanging out here!” ---Judah Friedlander, 30 Rock

"A vibrator would be a great gift for her. I didn’t get her one, but I can still send it over. I’ll order it. When somebody can buy anything they want for themselves, you have to give them something that’s an experience." ---Robert Verdi, Stylist 

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