2010 April 23

Chic Roundup: How Green Can You Go?

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Doutzen Kroes in Rachel Roy Doutzen Kroes in Rachel Roy
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Everyone was buzzing about the importance of going green last night during Christie’s Green Auction, but we put the chicsters to the test, asking them: what’s the greenest thing you did this week? Behold!


“Teaching my daughter, Valentina, not to waste water. It’s a very hard green thing to do because she absolutely loves playing around in the water.”-Salma Hayek

“I did a 20 minute Inside the Actor’s Studio-type interview with the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. That was green!”-James Lipton

 “They offered me plastic at the store and I said no thank you. I just put the item in my purse without a bag; hopefully no one thought I was shoplifting.”-Anne Curry

“I tried to turn the water off while I was brushing my teeth.”-Al Roker

“I am so anti-plastic. I loathe, loathe packaging and I fight against it with all my might.”-Daphne Guinness

“I’ve been green my whole life. I always rode my bike as a kid. I only use green toilet paper and I walk from where I live in Chelsea all the way uptown.”-Doutzen Kroes

“I was driving around in my Camry hybrid in LA and it gives me great pleasure!” –Ted Danson

“I got this bottle at a flea market and it’s my water bottle. I feel very old-fashioned.”-Andy Cohen

“I had meetings today here in America and we spent two hours during the six hour meeting devoted entirely to the environment and what should be done.”-Christie’s owner, Francois Pinault  

 “I flew commercial!”-Linda Fargo

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